Booking info

When booking your event or party, please read through this info page.

Event/party planning:

  • If you are having an outdoor party or event, always have a back-up plan in case of rainy days.
  • Sometimes people are late. Try to have your party or event start at least 30-45 minutes before PuppetOOdle arrives, so no one misses out.
  • PuppetOOdle needs time to set-up and pack-down before and after a workshop or show; please take this into consideration when booking a venue.
  • Plan your party/event so that food, drinks, cake, games and presents can be done before or after PuppetOOdle's show and/or workshop, so that the participants aren’t distracted and no time is wasted. Additional time spent at events may attract additional fees.
  • Please note that PuppetOOdle does not provide food, decorations, gift-bags, games or prizes, so please consider this when planning your party or event.


PuppetOOdle is fun and entertaining for all ages. Please note that parents, teachers and/or supervisors need to be nearby at all times during shows, workshops or other activities. PuppetOOdle does not provide child-minding.


Each of our workshops and shows are different, specially catered to the needs of each event. To get a quote, simply visit the shows and workshops pages and fill in the booking/enquiry forms and we'll get back to your as soon as we can. Please note that high-peak seasons (school holidays) may already be booked and/or may attract a higher booking fee - so please book as early as possible.


To reserve and confirm a specific time and date, please make a non-refundable $50 deposit (or full payment) upon booking. If a deposit hasnʼt been made, your booking may be replaced by another event.

Full payments must be received one week prior to the event or as specified on the invoice, failure to do so will result in postponement or cancellation. Late payments will attract a $50 fee, each week unpaid.

If booking dates or participant numbers are changed, additional fees may apply.

Direct/electronic deposits, paypal or credit/debit cards are accepted. Credit cards payments may include 2.5% transaction fee and cheques may attract a $25 admin fee.

Special requests:

PuppetOOdle can do requests, but this may attract higher fees and require more notice (at least 4 weeks) when making bookings. Please note that during high-peak seasons (school holidays) PuppetOOdle may not be able to fulfil your special requests. Before making requests, please check our shows, schools and workshops pages to see what we may already have available for you.


Puppetoodle reserves the right to change any of the above details at any time.

Photo by Mary Luckhurst

If you have any other questions, contact Marianne:
0432 668 710