TQI teacher lecture – guest lecture

Thursday, April 28, 2016

On Saturday, 21st of May, I will be giving a lecture (which will include activities) for the Australian Literacy Educators’ Association to Canberra teachers on how to include puppetry in their classrooms to promote storytelling.

In my presentation, I will give insight into my unique practice, findings and experiences in working with and inspiring children through puppetry as well as provide simple techniques and activities to introduce your classroom for basic storytelling through puppetry.

To book your spot, visit the ALEA website for more information. This event is TQI approved.

Photo by Konrad Lenz

Photo by Konrad Lenz

Through puppetry, I’ve been able to connect with a child’s imagination and creativity, enabling them to build confidence, perform, tell stories, connect, communicate and collaborate with others no matter a child’s ability, age or background.

Photos from the NAA shows

Thursday, April 28, 2016

We had a fantastic time performing this special show for four different audiences over the April School Holidays! We hope that everyone who came along felt more inspired to use their imagination and make amazing creations using only simple things found around the house.

Thanks to the National Archives of Australia for making this work possible. I’d also like to give a special thanks to Margaret Fleming and Rhonda King for all their work and support during this project – and of course to all the families who came along, laughed and created art with us!

Here are a few photos, courtesy of the NAA.

Mix 106.3fm interview

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thanks to Cam Sullings from Mix 106.3fm for a lovely Saturday morning interview before our last performances at the National Archives of Australia!

Listen to the interview here:

Clay recipe from workshop

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sculpting is fun! During our shows at the National Archives of Australia, we showed audiences how you can make your very own clay from things found in your kitchen! Here’s the recipe and some photos of our sculptors in action!

You will need:
- 1 cup of plain flour
- 1/2 cup salt
- about 1/3 cup water

- Mix salt and flour together in a bowl.
- Add water a little at a time. Squeeze the dough with your hands until it is smooth.
- If the dough gets crumbly, wet your hands with water. If the dough is too wet, sprinkle some flour over it and squeeze again.
- Store in plastic bag, glad wrap or in air tight container ready to use!

Colouring the dough:
To give your dough some colour, add food colouring to the water before mixing.

Puppet making:
To turn your creating into a puppet, simply poke your finger in the object for a finger hole and it will become a finger puppet! You can also attach paddle pop sticks or other sticks to turn into a stick puppet. NOTE: If oven drying, please remove all sticks and objects attached to the dough before baking. Once baked, you can reattach objects, details and sticks with glue.

Air drying:
- Place your creation outdoors in the sun for a few hours, or let it dry overnight on a table or windowsill. This way of drying is good for small objects.

Oven drying:
- Place your creation on foil and in a slow 105°C (225°F) oven with the door closed. Bake small thin objects for about fifteen minutes on each side. Bake thick objects for about one hour on each side.
NOTE: Children should not come near the oven unsupervised by an adult at all times. Objects will be extremely hot – please allow to cool before handling.

To give your creation some more character – give it a paint job! Acrylic paint is best, but even water colours or felt tip pens work great too!

You can glue on extra decorations, such as buttons, glitter, fabric pieces, feathers, etc. If you want your creation to shine and to last, coat your object with a few layers of varnish or clear nail polish.

NFF 2016 photos

Friday, April 1, 2016

We had a fantastic time performing at this year’s National Folk Festival, every day, across four days at the Carnival Stage. We were blown away by the audiences, especially the ones that came back every single day! Our performances were made extra special by the loud bellows of laughter coming from the packed out audiences (even coming from all the grown ups).

Thank you to the National Folk Festival for having us back again and also a special thanks to the sound and lighting team at the Carnival Stage!

New puppets for Nat Archive show!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Meet our brand new puppets created specially for our custom show for the National Archives of Australia this April School Holidays!

Don’t leave it till the last minute to book your spot to see the show – limited places! Book tickets here: http://bit.ly/1RsHmws

Dates and times:
- Wednesday 13 April 11am and 1pm
- Saturday 16 April 11am and 1pm

Custom show for the National Archives

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I’m excited to announce a special project I’ve been working on! The National Archives of Australia have asked me to build a custom show for their upcoming April school holidays!

Photos, updates and more coming soon. For now, here’s a little time-lapse video of painting the main character’s face I’m creating for the show.

The dates will be the 13th and 16th of April.

Secure your tickets here:

Upcoming shows at the NFF

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Looking forward to our performances at this year’s National Folk Festival! Come check us out at the Carnival Stage each day during the long Easter weekend!

Here are our set times:
- Friday 12:30pm
- Saturday 2:30pm
- Sunday 1:30pm
- Monday 11:30am

Shadow workshop at Enlightened

Monday, March 7, 2016

My shadow workshop tent at the Australian National Botanic Gardens was full of creativity on Saturday night during the Luminous Botanicus II event for Enlighten.

Using found materials from the gardens, little shadow characters as well as creating their own puppets, visitors of all ages had fun telling stories and making shadow vignettes.

Film screening

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tonight, my short film Namahey will be screened at the Canberra Shorts film screenings at Debacle Bar in Braddon from 8pm!