Enviro Puppet Movement

Come make, create, play and learn about the environment through puppetry this school holidays (1-12 October, 2018)! Week-long intensive workshops open now! Hurry, limited places!

Weekday programs are designed as a 5-day for students to learn about local endangered animals by special guest, science educator and ecologist, Shoshana, as well as make and perform their own puppets made from recycled materials led by professional puppeteer Marianne Mettes!

Weekend programs are designed as a condensed overview of the program for all ages (including adults) over 8 years old.

The Enviro Puppet Movement is made possible through generous support from artsACT Project Funding as well as from Ginninderry, The Frank Fenner Foundation and Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres.

For more info, read on below!

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The Enviro Puppet Movement (EPM) is an intensive 2-week creative and educational holiday program at Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres (AGAC) led by various inspirators from the arts (including puppetry), sciences and humanities. Here, participants can explore, learn and create a puppetry performance about the lives of threatened species, native to Canberra, from used and found materials and perform it for the local Canberra community.

The project aims to inform and inspire young people their families and audiences, to consider their impact on the planet and have respect for the community of species that we live among.

Along with basic professional skills and techniques in puppetry, participants will learn about the human impact on our planet from a local perspective. Learn about our native endangered wildlife, creatures and plants and how we can help them. Participants will create puppets of these endangered species and bring them to life through puppetry, storytelling and a collaborative performance which will conclude on the last day of the program on 12 October. Each day participants will learn from different guest inspirators and work collaboratively on their puppets, stories and performance.

Marianne Mettes, leader and instigator of this project, is registered ACT teacher and professional puppeteer and has been running PuppetOOdle for an epic seven years. She has seen what an impact and influence of her work through puppetry has had on children and their families over the years. In 2014, she created environmental puppetry history with her short film ‘Namahey’ which has been part of film festivals around the world and has been viewed over 7 thousands times through social media.

Puppetry is about finding ways to communicate through inanimate objects. When animating an object, many questions arise, such as; How will it move? Why does it move? Who or what is it? Where is it moving? What does its appearance represent? What is it expressing? Through answering these questions, participants can unknowingly explore and interconnect different skills (problem solving, design thinking, collaboration), art forms (visual art, design, technology, textiles, media, drama, storytelling) and ideas (artistic expression, abstract thinking) through the fun medium of puppetry.

Puppets are non-threatening, attractive and inherently fun, so participants can learn a variety of transferable skills, such as those above, through a non-conventional learning method and collaborative learning which will help integrate and digest challenging concepts such as our human impact on the planet.

Marianne is now calling for participants, guest speakers and inspirators to help with the upcoming project.

Ways you can get involved:

  • Book a spot in the program (week day programs for ages 8-15 years and weekend programs for adults)
  • Donate unwanted or used materials we could make puppets from
  • Volunteer your time (help facilitate programs, usher, organise, ticketing, and more)
  • Expressions of interest for guest inspirators, facilitators, scientists, artists, writers, lighting/sound designers, photographers, and more
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends and family about the program
Since the start of the industrial revolution, abuse of the natural world has occurred at an exponential rate, resulting in destruction of the environment with a rapidly-growing number of species losing habitat and getting driven to extinction.

Australia is the second largest waste producer, per person, in the world (Australian Science, 2018). Even though we recycle almost 60% of our waste (Pickin and Randell, 2017), we are still producing waste at a rate that recycling can’t keep up with. If we, and other species, are to survive in the future, we need to stand together as a united community to help return the planet to safe bounderies and to sustainable conditions. One way we can help is to change consumption patterns and care more about the world we have (stewardship) — becoming steward leaders for our planet.

What your child will gain:

  • learn about our environment and the world around us, and species great and small
  • puppetry skills in BOTH making & performing
  • teamwork; performing & improvising in groups
  • long-lasting unique creative skills
  • insight to trade secrets of puppeteers
  • confidence & being comfortable performing

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