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PuppetOOdle News

Help us make a web series!

Filming Baz 'n' Snags

Last week we launched our crowrdfunding campaign to help make the pilot episode to a Canberra-based puppet webseries!

If you’d like to see our show become a reality, please support us any way you can. Every dollar, like and share count! Pledging will not only get a bunch of cool stuff (such as t-shirts and even wig replicas of Baz’s mullet hair), but also an acknowledgement on Baz ‘n’ Snags website.

The show follows the story of a loveable ex-city slicker and his sausage dog on their mission to save his Grandpop’s farm. Filmed in rural Queensland, Goulburn and Canberra, this narrative and character driven light-hearted show is aimed at all ages and will feature puppets as well as real people, animals and honest Australian life and values.

Baz ‘n’ Snags theme music clip

Baz 'n' Snags theme song music clip

As part of filming the intro sequence for Baz ‘n’ Snags, we filmed a tongue-in-cheek music clip for the theme song, with the whole PuppetOOdle crew wearing replicas of Baz’s mullet!

European puppetry adventure

Creating a puppet skit in a Belgian cellar

During September and October, we were on an incredible puppetry journey throughout Europe! We traveled through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, visited over 14 cities and had an amazing time! We saw about 40 puppet shows, from across the globe in many different styles, venues and languages! We studied and trained in 10 different workshops and met so many amazing and vibrant people, puppets and puppeteers!

Here’s a video of a improvised skit we created after training with French puppeteer, Patric Conan. It was filmed down in the cellar of a 300 year old house we were living in during our time in Belgium! Enjoy!

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