PuppetOOdle School

PuppetOOdle School is the brainchild of Marianne Mettes and was spawned after she set up a puppetry workshop last year (funded by the Sesame Street Workshop) in Connecticut, USA at a creative arts summer camp for teenagers.

Together with a colleague, she created the curriculum and taught hundreds of teenagers puppetry, everyday for 2 months and it was magical.

Marianne now wants to bring everything she created in the USA to Canberra.

Across the sessions, kids get to learn tricks professional puppeteers use to operate puppets.

By the end of the course, kids will learn how to manipulate it and make puppet videos!

´┐╝What your child will gain:

  • puppetry skills in BOTH making & performing
  • teamwork; performing & improvising in groups
  • long-lasting unique creative skills
  • insight to trade secrets of puppeteers
  • learning technical filming skills
  • confidence & being comfortable performing

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