Puppets can be used to teach and engage children of all ages in almost

Visit the workshops page to see what we have on offer or tell us your topic and we can tailor-make a workshop or program to suit your classroom or group. Programs can address a broad range of topics, such as; communication, mapping and communities, multiculturalism, environmental awareness, anti-bullying, expressing emotions and feelings, self awareness, building individuality and more. To see examples of past school programs, visit the residencies page.

PuppetOOdle strives to provide students, teachers and parents with techniques on how to make puppets, manipulate them and use them as a way to connect with each other and themselves through the use of story-telling, role-playing, imagination and creativity. PuppetOOdle can create a foundation for teachers and parents to continue to use puppetry as a teaching aid and medium, even after PuppetOOdle has left the classroom.

Puppet creations from attendees at Canberra’s Civic Library “PuppetOOdle show & activity” holiday program, 29-04-11.