Belconnen Arts Centre Residency

Across 10 weeks (May to July 2015), Marianne taught and mentored 20 young students aged between 5 and 13 years all aspects of puppetry from building puppets to performing them and everything inbetween. At the end of project, students showcased their work to a public audience over two days.
This project has been made possible by funding from project artsACT and an Artist in Residence program at Belconnen Arts Centre – and of course, 20 wonderful enthusiastic students! To view the entire project, visit the blog here

Educational video with National Museum of Australia

As part of Marianne’s commission work for the National Museum of Australia for the April school holiday program ‘Play with Plays’, she helped create an instructional video on how to create a toy theatre and puppets so that students across Australia and beyond can access the program and materials and share the magic of puppetry! For more behind the scenes, visit the blog here

Baz ‘n’ Snags @ the NMA

The National Museum of Australia commissioned PuppetOOdle to create a special show to be performed twice, at their family fun day for Australia Day, 26-1-2015. Marianne & Jonathan brought back their characters from their web-series Baz ‘n’ Snags and created a new additional puppet character, Banjo the wild brumby, for their big stage show. Over the day, almost 5,000 people attended! If you missed it, here’s wonderful video made by Cheeky Creek. For more behind the scenes, visit the blog here


A short puppetry film created using 100% recycled materials. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle! When a puppet gets it, isn’t it time for you to act as well? Support a clean environment! Created entirely by Marianne Mettes. For more behind the scenes, visit the blog here

Video test custom-made fox puppet

There’s nothing more magical then those very first moments, playing with it and bringing it to life. Marianne designed and created this puppet and is part of a series of 10 wetlands characters she’s making for a school on the Gold Coast. Read more on the blog here

Marianne’s work as Head of Puppetry in USA

Marianne Mettes (from PuppetOOdle) was Head of the Puppetry Department at a special creative arts camp for teenagers in the USA.

How to Make Monster Puppets

“How to make monster puppets” a tongue and cheek video launching Marianne’s new line of puppets available for purchase online. Read more on the blog here

Woo Pee Woo

Woo Pee Woo was created during an 8-day “Advanced Marionette Manipulation” course in Connecticut, USA, while training with master puppeteer, Phillip Huber. Read more on the blog here

Baz ‘n’ Snags

Baz ‘n’ Snags trailer and sneak peak videos of the webseries were created during 2012. See more at the official website here.
Or, visit the blog here.

Punch and Judy

Commission by the National Museum of Australia and created to be performed at the 1913 Country Fair.
For more photos, videos and the making of Punch and Judy show, visit the blog here

Possum’s Club

PuppetOOdle was featured on Possum’s Club (ACT/NSW) and Doopa’s Club (WA) children’s show on TV!
Read more on the blog here

A Night in a Belgian Cellar

Marianne and Jonathan improvised a skit, created after training with French puppeteer, Patric Conan. It was filmed down in the cellar of a 300 year old house where they were living in during our time in Belgium!
Read more on the blog here

Ventriloquist Puppet Act

Created during an intensive ventriloquism course in Missouri, USA, while training with master puppeteer, Randel McGee.
Read more on the blog here